Kevin DeanDriven by innovation and the beauty of nature, Modern Koncrete reimagines the world of concrete with the introduction of our Ultra High-Performance Light Weight manufacturing capabilities. Modern Koncrete created a revolutionary ultra high performance Koncrete that flexs and is 60% less weight than ceramic tile products. In every designed product has sustainability and has evolved the design potential of this industrial material like never before.

Modern Koncrete products are not only more elegant in achieving natural visuals and textures but are also more impact resistant, flexible and forgiving with the daily wear and tear in larger format specifications. With precision casting and hand-finishing, a Modern Koncrete product is assured its lasting quality, beauty, natural variation and authenticity are unmatched - an industrial luxury element without equal.

Modern Koncrete Design Manufacturing

Our belief is simple, what you image, Modern Koncrete creates. Our success is due to our artisan's expertise, mold making magic, and rigorously tested blend of our Ultra High performance Light Weight Koncrete. MK offers OEM customers in Canada, America and Europe for use in Industrial, Commercial, Residential projects. Our unique design team can create any vision for your Retail or Restaurant chain, Hospitality Renovations and custom designs for Architects, Designers and Builders of any size. Have a distribution channel, MK is always looking for the right partner to create an exclusive line for your dealers. Modern Koncrete takes your design and makes it reality.

Ultra High Performance Material:

• UHPC (Ultra High performance concrete)
• Concrete densifier and VOC free sealer
• Signature color pigments
• Glass Fiber Mesh
• Panels are extremely stable and will not expand or shrink over time
• Four times as strong as traditional precast concrete
• Does not have the capillary pores of traditional precast
• Does not absorb water and degrade in demanding freeze/thaw weather. More ecological than traditional precast because of the type of cement

Material to Testing

Ultra High Performance Material:

• Compressive Strength: 8,600.psi
• Flexural Strength: 750psi
• Water Absorption: less than 3%
• Freeze Thaw: < 3% weigh loss. 1000 cycles
• Moisture absorption exceed UBC standard
• Wind resistance 110 MPH. ASTM E330 02
• Shear bond: > 1000 psi
• Fire Rating: ASTM E 84 Zero flame spread & zero smoke developed